Don’t you just hate it when your kids come running at you, imploring you to take them out around the city, but you just don’t know where? Well, here’s your answer. Here’s a lowdown of the 5 most popularly visited attractions in and around the city that are perfect for a family outing –

Picnic and reconnect with nature at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The best way to make the most out of staying outdoors is a short scenic drive to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali. It is one of the most beautifully landscaped national parks within the city that is home to burgeoning flora and fauna. Make a picnic and spend some quality time with your family, where the kids can play around freely and you can enjoy the beauty and quiet of the park.

Revisit history lessons at Gateway of India

As magnificent as this arch-monument seems, very few of us know the history behind its design and commemoration. Take this opportunity to introduce your kids to this famous historical landmark, its importance, architecture and how it has slowly become synonymous with Mumbai city itself. Not only will this be a fun learning experience for them, but you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape and Arabian Sea adjacent to it.

Enjoy a road trip and fun day out at Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Lonavala

One of the most exciting parts about living in Mumbai is its close proximity to amusement parks, resorts, and beach towns. A great way to enjoy a fun-filled day with your kids is only a short drive away from the city – Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Lonavala is a paradise for kids, thrill-seekers and foodies. Take a family day off for one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai, and enjoy 31 international rides and multicuisine restaurants at your disposal.

Enjoy up-close space learning at Nehru Planetarium

A classic entertainment and learning destination for kids, Nehru Planetarium is a space and science center that offers an exciting way of up-close space learning for children of all age groups. The indoor domed theatre and stargazing events make it even more comprehensive and exciting to learn new concepts.

Explore the beauty of the Elephanta Caves

Situated only a few kilometers from Mumbai’s mainland shore, the Elephanta Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, definitely worth visiting if you live anywhere around Mumbai. This specimen of rock-cut architecture is from Medieval India and carries a history of its own. Visit this beautiful piece of art with your kids and family, and make a day out of it. It is close enough for a day trip, and far enough to get your kids excited about an exciting getaway.
As kids, we’ve been to our share of sightseeing spots around the city, either as a school field trip or with grandparents. However, today kids desire a more inclusive experience, which confuses most parents. Mumbai is a city full of wonders and beautiful attractions, absolutely worth visiting with your whole family.

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