One of the most exciting reasons people love to visit amusement parks these days is because it offers a deeply shared experience that allows them to spend a whole day of fun with their families and friends. Magic Mountain Amusement Park is a one-stop destination for all age groups to do a host of exciting things together all day, such as enjoying thrilling rides, adventurous outdoor activities, and even indulging in some lip smacking food options.
Apart from experiencing the exciting amusement park attractions, Magic Mountain is also a great spot to enjoy a plethora of appetizing delicacies, served in unique settings that are sure to enhance your overall experience. Here’s where you will find yourself gorging on mouthwatering cuisine from around the world during your next visit to Magic Mountain Amusement Park –

Windmill Café

Start your day Spanish-style with extraordinary breakfast recipes and mini meals inspired from Spanish style of cooking. This charming little Spanish-themed restaurant is perfect to kickstart your adventurous day on a delicious note, served together with some fresh brews and blends to help you last the day.

Zen Forest

Get on with your day with a traditional platter of Angkor cuisines served to you in a unique outdoor setting created especially for groups and families. Now if you find yourself craving for more, this quirky Cambodian-themed restaurant also serves some extremely delectable Jain, Chinese and Punjabi dishes.

The Deck

Serving you complex flavours of Oriental cuisines in the most exciting way, this Cowboy-themed restaurant offers you the sheer delight of enjoying a wide variety of dishes from Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese origins in a serene beautiful outdoor setting. Taking inspiration from the Wild Wild West, the restaurant boasts panoramic scenic views of nature’s best offerings, overlooking the grand Splash ride.

Santa Maria

Located right next to the Galleon ride, this mesmerizing Pirate-themed restaurant serves up healthy and delicious platters of sandwiches, rolls and wraps. Come aboard this roller coaster ride of flavours that are perfect for an early evening meal. Enjoy a delectable meal in true Pirate- style in the company of your other Pirate mates.

Summer Garden

Tucked in the heart of the amusement park situated adjacent to the Musical Fountain, this beautiful restaurant is an Italian haven for those craving pastas, pizzas, mocktails, and more. And while you’re there, don’t miss the Oregano Café and The Cheese Factory nestled within this exotic restaurant.
The expansive amusement park food options available at Magic Mountain make it a perfect getaway to enjoy joyrides and scrumptious cuisines with your loved ones. The best part is that this amusement park near Mumbai and Pune is one of the best places to sneak away to when you want to catch a break from the city’s chaos and enjoy a day full of food and fun, no strings attached!

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