Amusement parks, as we know it today, have not always been about riveting roller coasters. The history of amusement parks takes us back to the 19th century when people flocked to periodic fairs for family-friendly entertainment. The sheer concept of an amusement parks was born out of a combination of three early traditions: traveling fairs, pleasure gardens, and world fair exhibits. Slowly the three came together and formed the modern amusement park, inviting all age groups.
Back in the day, the decision of going to an amusement park was equivalent to an out of city trip, where people dressed the part. Men wore suits and ties, and women were always spotted in heels, as opposed to now, when people have ditched all that for comfortable clothes and sneakers. Today, enjoying amusement park rides seems like a hop, skip, and jump situation. Acrobatics, juggling acts and freak shows have gradually evolved to puppet shows and arcade games. The evolution of amusement parks has been progressive – wooden roller coasters have turned into steel ones, with more safety elements added to all rides.
However, a few things that have remained constant over the years is the common perception of amusement parks being the ideal spot for all-day family entertainment, with thrilling rides, shows, Ferris Wheel and roller coaster rides, all-day munching and other food options. Today, amusement and theme parks have started incorporating immersive experiences alongside rides and games.
One of the best and year-round family amusement park near Mumbai and Pune is Magic Mountain Amusement Park. Featuring 31 international rides for kids and adults, this amusement park in Lonavala is the ultimate weekend getaway for thrill-seekers. What sets Magic Mountain apart from other parks is the many, many world class attractions and multi-cuisine chain of restaurants within the park that are perfect for all-day enjoyment for the whole family or group or friends.
Amusement parks have been around for a very long time and are definitely here to stay. It is the best way to enjoy some outdoor fun with the maximum number of activities to indulge in. Today, with the help of advanced equipment and modern technology, amusement parks have become even more enlivening for families and thrill-seekers alike!

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