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Among the most important reasons why people visit amusement parks is because of it gives one the opportunity to enjoy a shared experience of creating new memories with family and friends, enjoy a day full of staying outdoors, an array of food choices, and most importantly to get that adrenaline rushing, thanks to the many, many thrilling ride options.
One such amusement park that has become synonymous with new, exciting and innovative high thrill rides is Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Lonavala. Only a short drive away from Mumbai or Pune, this family hub of fun is one of the best places you can choose to be at if you’re a thrill-seeker. Here’s a quick look at the best of the best high thrill rides and amusement park attractions, perfect for those between the ages of 18 to 50.

High Thrill Rides

Top Spin Suspended

This invigorating ride will make your head spin like a top spinner. Designed for teens and adults only, this fast spinning ride features an arm that rotates 360 degrees around a central axis with a 360 degree rotational gondola, ensuring edge-of-the-seat excitement for high-thrill seekers. Tumble, spin and suspend over a fountain as you scream and shout in excitement!

Giant Frisbee

Swing like a boss in this giant frisbee that has been designed for daredevils. With its extraordinary size and power, this ride generates a sensational 180 degree pendulum swing along with a 360 degree ride experience, for those who can dare to try it! Be ready for the wildest swing of your lifetime, high up in the skies as you get tossed around like a frisbee.

Turbo Force

Towering high in the sky, this magnanimous ride is sure to excite thrill seekers with breathtaking sensations highlighted by the gravity driven flipping action of the seats. Appearing almost like a stunning giant see-saw, rocking groups of people high up in the clouds from a central axis, this ride will lift you 37 metres off the ground and rotate you 360 degrees for a head-spinning adrenalin rush.

Flipping Arm

Prepare yourselves to flip with excitement in this fun swirling experience that will make your heads dizzy and your hearts beat faster. Get ready to scream at the top-of-your-voice as a mechanical arm lifts to up to 120 degrees from the central axis and spins you 360 degree on a rotating gondola. It’s a definite must try for high thrill enthusiasts!

Delta Hoppla

A favourite amongst the adventure junkies, this impressive ride takes you along a 360 degree loop while rotating each cabin individually in 360 degrees. It offers an exhilarating flight experience that will make your heads dizzy and you’ll keep coming back for more. So sit tight, wear your seat belts and get ready for some head-spinning fun.

Space Trainer

Buckle up and get ready for your Space odyssey in this truly amazing ride. This stunning ride makes for an intense high-flying action experience, in a 360 degree rotational gondola that rotates 360 degrees around the central axis. It is exhilarating, unexpected and absolutely high thrilling.

Z Force

An edgy ride full of ups and downs, get ready to be elevated to a towering height of 53 meters and feel the kick as you drop to the ground in free-flow motion. Test your nerves in this monster of a ride that launches you up and down along a massive tower, while making you scream with fear and making your heart beat faster with excitement.

Sky Screamer

Designed for those who can go to any heights for fun, this vertical swing offers a spectacular view of the park for those who can dare to take this extreme ride. This giant swing ride is attached to a rotating central gondola that elevates to a height of 41 meters along the central axis. Enjoy swinging 360 degrees while being suspended in the air amidst the clouds and birds!

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