Providing you with picture-perfect moments and memories that last a lifetime, amusement parks are the best places for family fun. When was the last time you wanted to take a break with the whole family and do something adventurous? Staycations and resort stays are fun, agreed; but there is nothing quite like a day of exhilarating fun with friends and family.
We know we all long for the long, relaxing holidays, but in the meantime, a quick break away from the city is just as much fun. You deserve to take that one weekend away from the city with your whole family, especially the kids. A great way to make the most of your holiday is by spending it at India’s largest International Amusement Park – Magic Mountain. It is the perfect way to spend time together enjoying the most thrilling and adventurous rides and attractions.
Packed with a whole day of stirring fun that the kids demand and parents appreciate, Magic Mountain delivers a treasured day full of fun and thrills for kids and adults. A quick road trip from Mumbai and Pune, Magic Mountain Amusement Park is an all-day treat featuring 31 international rides for kids, family and friends, along with a variety of multi-cuisine restaurants to keep you full and happy all day.
For the thrill-seekers, Magic Mountain brings to your international high thrill rides like Top Spin, Giant Frisbee, Delta Hoopla, Space Trainer, Sky Screamer and Turbo Force. For those of you who enjoy more thrills but less chills, you will definitely have a great time on rides like Mega Disco, Air Race, Flying Carousal and Carnival. Since family fun is on priority this day, check out rides like Mega Jump-in-Star, Rush Hour, Water Mania, Crazy Surf and Galleon. Give your kids a thrilling experience too with kid rides like Magic Bikes, Demolition Derby, Sky Race, Truck n Trial, Junior Jet, and the all-time favorite Ferris Wheel.
Ranging from extreme chills and mid-range thrills to family rides and kids attractions, there is a lot to look forward to at one of the best places near Mumbai for weekend getaways. If you’re not into roller coasters or 100ft drops, worry not, a day full of fun attractions and food options will take you on an exciting joyride of flavors. Have a happy and thrilling weekend at the Magic Mountain Amusement Park, Lonavala, perfect for an all day trip with family and friends.

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